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October 21, 2015. 6:17 PM

#MAPEITechTip: ‘Floor & Wall Installation Systems’— Designing for Compatibility

Compatible flooring systems make great sense for building owners as they significantly prolong the life cycle of an installation. One of today’s best role models of compatible construction systems involves increasingly popular sustainable…

October 8, 2015. 9:41 PM

#MAPEITechTip: What are Specialty Mortars—when are they appropriate?

As we discussed in a previous blog, “How do you know you have selected the ‘right mortar’ for the ‘right tile or stone application’?” …polymers both dried & liquid latex, have dramatically changed how…

October 1, 2015. 6:28 PM

#MAPEITechTip: What is telegraphing when installing resilient flooring?

Telegraphing happens in resilient coverings (LVT, VCT, Rubber, Sheet Goods, etc…) as it is applied to the substrate—taking on any imperfections, protrusions or undulations in the substrate. Often it is as a result of poor installation…

September 23, 2015. 4:06 PM

Product Solutions + Guide Specifications + Industry Methods = Permanent, Problem-Free Flooring Installations

“When in Rome”….speak Italian, it is the only way to discover the true experience of the Eternal City.   When working with Design Professionals (Architects / Specification Writers) speak their language; it will improve…

September 15, 2015. 10:29 PM

How do you test a floor?

One of the frequent requests we get in Technical Services is "can I use your adhesive to stick flooring X to substrate Y?"  There are a number of theoretical ways to test this but one of the best methods of practically evaluating the…

September 10, 2015. 5:57 PM

#MAPEITechTip: How do you know you have selected the ‘right mortar’ for the ‘right tile or stone application’?

  Are all tile setting mortars the same?  If you were setting tile or stone during the Roman Empire, the answer would be yes, marble set in temples and other areas were set into a mud bed made up of sand, lime and volcanic ash. …

September 3, 2015. 9:40 PM

#MAPEITechTip: Why do concrete slabs curl?

Although there are many variables that cause a slab to curl and warp, it typically boils down to changes in moisture content and temperature differential above and below the slab. When the top of the concrete slab dries faster than the underside of…

August 27, 2015. 5:31 PM

#MAPEITechTip: When installing tile/stone/glass in a steam room what are some factors to consider?

The Romans paved the way for many of the modern uses of tile today in bathrooms, kitchens and water features like pools, fountains and water treatment plants that span the construction landscape within industrial, commercial and residential…

August 20, 2015. 4:28 PM

The Installer’s Perspective—Ultrabond ECO 962

MAPEI’s Ultrabond ECO 962 Pressure Sensitive Wood Flooring Adhesive can be used for engineered wood plank, LVT, LVP, and prefinished cork flooring. However any product is only as good as it meets the performance and application requirements…

73 - 81 of 103
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