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June 15, 2016. 2:13 PM

Problem Solver #1: Porcelain Tile -Factory Applied Wax Coatings on the Surface

Tile/Stone/Grout Care and Maintenance: Problems Solvers with Nick We are excited about adding a new blogger to our MAPEI Tech Talk line up, Nick Valenti .  Nick will be addressing specific issues that arise during the installation, care and on…

May 31, 2016. 8:49 PM

#MAPEITechTip: Is Trowel & Adhesive Selection Important When Applying a Floor Covering?

Just how much Floor Covering Adhesive is too much or too little?  Using the ‘right trowel & right adhesive’ combination is the key to a well-bonded floor covering to the substrate that will perform during the ‘service…

May 20, 2016. 9:48 PM

#MAPEITechTip: When Can I Use a Mastic (Organic Adhesive) to Set Tile?

It’s 3 o’clock on a Friday afternoon, you are down a man and the homeowner is tapping their foot and looking at their watch—asking when their tile installation in the shower is going to be finished?  Do you grab for a bucket…

May 5, 2016. 6:19 PM

Radiant heat under ceramic tile or stone

Questions and concerns are often raised when ceramic tile or stone is to be installed over a radiant-heating system. These concerns usually are regarding any detrimental effect that the heat from the radiant heating might have on the bond of the…

April 13, 2016. 8:53 PM

MAPEITechTip: Manufacturer’s Product Data Sheets—Is it necessary to read and follow their guidelines?

As an installer, you have a wide variety of installation products available to use on a project—but really aren’t all of them more or less the same?  Let’s be honest though, how often have we just ‘winged it’…

March 11, 2016. 5:56 PM

#MAPEITechTip: Flooring Associations—their key role in moving the industry forward

Have you ever wondered why there are so many Flooring Associations?  Or have you ever felt isolated within your area of expertise when problems arise, or you feel that you could use some additional training to further hone yours skills? …

March 3, 2016. 6:02 PM

#MAPEITechTip: Tile ‘Lippage’—‘mechanical lippage tuning systems’ to the rescue!

If you have been around the tile and stone industry for any length of time, you will remember when 12”x12” was considered large format tile and 6”x 6” glazed ceramic tile was the design of choice for most bathroom…

February 25, 2016. 5:11 PM

Spot Bonding—What Are the Drawbacks When Installing Tile or Stone?

Spot bonding has become a growing problem for the tile industry. Larger tiles and narrow grout joints make leveling a finished tile floor a challenge. The reason why spot bonding is getting more popular is lippage, large tile supported by 5 daubs of…

February 18, 2016. 2:28 PM

From the Ground Up – MAPEI’s Below-Grade Waterproofing Group is Introduced to North America

MAPEI Americas introduced its Below-Grade Waterproofing product line to the North American construction market at the 2016 World of Concrete show.  Among the below-grade waterproofing systems introduced at the show were Mapeproof™ sodium…

55 - 63 of 103
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