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May 7, 2015. 5:26 PM

Thursday's #MAPEITechTip: How can MVER be managed in a concrete slab -minimizing the risk of failure in a floor covering system?

There are two key factors in managing the moisture in a concrete slab: 1. Building Design is the first line of defense: remove or repair any sources of excessive moisture near the foundation, eg: broken irrigation pipes, down spouts, interior pipe…

May 5, 2015. 5:34 PM

Celebrating HKS Green Week 2015

In honor of Earth Day , HKS hosted Green Week to raise awareness about sustainability, April 15 through 19. Along with other Manufacturers and Sustainability Leaders, MAPEI's Mike Granatowski (National Manager Architectural and Commercial Projects)…

April 28, 2015. 5:12 PM

Thursday's #MAPEITechTip: What is MVER in a concrete slab? And how do you QUANTIFY MVER?

What is MVER in a concrete slab? MVER is the Moisture Vapor Emission Rate, or the amount of moisture vapor that under the right conditions (differential of temperature & pressure within the slab) rises up through the capillaries of the concrete,…

April 23, 2015. 3:20 PM

Thursday's #MAPEITechTip: Can all wood floors be glued-down?

Contrary to what you might expect from an adhesives manufacturer, the answer is NO, not all wood floors are designed to be glued-down. Depending on the type of hardwood flooring selected, there are three approved methods for installation (consult…

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