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July 2, 2018. 5:32 PM

Tile Installation Basics

You research Pinterest and Houzz looking for the renovation project of your dreams. You plan to do the work yourself; there are enough how-to videos out there, why not? You purchase tile, setting materials, and grout and get to work!  Many…

May 22, 2018. 7:15 PM

Encaustic Cement Tiles - No Cause for Alarm!

Watch any home improvement show these days and you're likely to see the throwback looks of encaustic cement tiles . These tiles often feature mono-chromatic gray, white, and black backgrounds with geometric designs but can also include colors from…

March 5, 2018. 6:06 PM

#MAPEITechTip: Glass Tile -a little ‘bling’ goes a long way to give a custom look to a project

Today in our 21st Century Glass Mosaic Tile is finding a new generation of admirers as building owners and homeowners are looking to make use of various finishes now available, including glass mosaics and tiles, that are not only functional but…

February 13, 2018. 1:55 PM

Take it to the Next Level! - New MAPEI Self-Levelers

Are you in a hurry? Self-levelers can be your best option for leveling an existing floor.  While the specific details on the history of self-levelers are somewhat foggy, we know that the term ‘self-leveler’ was officially coined in the United States…

January 30, 2018. 1:57 PM

Planitop 330 Fast - Flat Walls Fast!

There is one thing you can count on when approaching a wall tile installation…the walls are rarely plumb and true. In the past, fixing the problem would be time-consuming and problematic. The gypsum or cement boards would have to be removed to…

January 5, 2018. 9:20 PM

ISO goes to China

As we've mentioned on the Tech Tips blog before, ISO is the international standards setting organization that covers, among many other things, tile and installation products.  This year's annual meeting was held in Guangzhou , China, a city of more…

October 25, 2017. 6:18 PM

#MAPEISustainability: LBC (Living Building Challenge) ‘Red List Free’ -What does it mean to ‘building occupant health'?

In the 1980s, MAPEI championed the importance of “sustainable chemistry” with the introduction of the Ultrabond ECO® line of adhesives, which dramatically reduced or eliminated volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by moving away from solvent-based to…

October 12, 2017. 9:52 PM

Cement-based products and OSHA thresholds for respirable crystalline silica

Recently, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enacted lower thresholds for worker exposure to respirable crystalline silica, causing both debate and concern within the construction industry. In response to these concerns, our…

August 30, 2017. 10:16 PM

Flooding considerations for walls and floors

Flood damage can be costly to repair and confusing to assess. We have prepared some information about how inland flooding (rising water from local rivers and streams and overflows from nearby ponds, lakes and reservoirs) can impact floors and walls…

37 - 45 of 112
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