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June 10, 2015. 9:42 PM

#MAPEITechTip: When installing Large Format Tile (LFT)/Thin Porcelain Tile (TPT)—what are some key factors to keep in mind?

Innovations in lightweight Thin Porcelain Tile (TPT) technology have changed the face of the construction industry—significantly reducing the overall dead load weight of a building without compromising strength and durability. It is important to…

June 5, 2015. 6:06 PM

MAPEI Tech Services participates in Regional Sales meetings —emphasis on ‘single-source solutions’

I recently had the privilege to participate in the MAPEI Regional Sales meetings held in; St. Augustine, Florida, Monterey, CA and Austin, Texas.  As part of the Technical Services, Architectural Sales Support team, I was able to discuss with our…

June 2, 2015. 5:14 PM

#MAPEITechTip: What makes a mortar thixotropic?

It is a mortar with densely populated nano particles, fibers, lightweight fillers and thickeners.  Typically, when installing tile on a wall, a ledger board is used to minimize slippage issues while the mortar cures.  Using a thixotropic mortar…

May 22, 2015. 9:46 PM

What do you do with a 29’ long wall with a vaulted ceiling? -Install 3' x 10' Panels

It is hard to imagine what my wall looked like just a few days ago, now that I have my Laminam porcelain oxide series ( Nero ) panels up on my wall—what an amazing transformation! First of all I have to thank Jose’ and his crew from Bryant Tile and…

May 18, 2015. 4:57 PM

What do you do with a 29’ long wall with a vaulted ceiling?

When I purchased my new townhome one of the key features that I was excited to have was vaulted ceilings, giving my home a more spacious feel. However, this meant that I had one wall, 29’ long that met the peak of the roof at 17’ with a diminishing…

May 12, 2015. 8:01 PM

Thursday's #MAPEITechTip: Can any patching compound or self-leveler be used under the Moisture Control System?

Due to time and budget constraints, project managers are always looking for ways to improve their bottom line—without compromising system performance over the service life of the installation. Moisture Control Systems have offered this edge,…

May 7, 2015. 5:26 PM

Thursday's #MAPEITechTip: How can MVER be managed in a concrete slab -minimizing the risk of failure in a floor covering system?

There are two key factors in managing the moisture in a concrete slab: 1. Building Design is the first line of defense: remove or repair any sources of excessive moisture near the foundation, eg: broken irrigation pipes, down spouts, interior pipe…

May 5, 2015. 5:34 PM

Celebrating HKS Green Week 2015

In honor of Earth Day , HKS hosted Green Week to raise awareness about sustainability, April 15 through 19. Along with other Manufacturers and Sustainability Leaders, MAPEI's Mike Granatowski (National Manager Architectural and Commercial Projects)…

April 28, 2015. 5:12 PM

Thursday's #MAPEITechTip: What is MVER in a concrete slab? And how do you QUANTIFY MVER?

What is MVER in a concrete slab? MVER is the Moisture Vapor Emission Rate, or the amount of moisture vapor that under the right conditions (differential of temperature & pressure within the slab) rises up through the capillaries of the concrete,…

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