Ultrabond ECO GPT: The time-saving GPT mortar


Denise Troiano

 January 4, 2021. 9:28 PM

A pre-mixed adhesive for gauged porcelain tile (GPT)? Most installers will scoff and ask, “How can that be?” Well, such a product exists and it is called Ultrabond ECO GPT.

Ultrabond ECO GPT is a one-step, moisture-cured, hybrid-polymer-based adhesive for GPT, as well as for large-format ceramic and porcelain tile. With this product, you just open the bucket and start troweling; no mixing is required. As a DIY installer, Ultrabond ECO GPT is music to my ears!

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MAPEI’s specially designed adhesive technology eliminates the need for notching walls, meaning that Ultrabond ECO GPT can be applied to the back of the tile only. Dampen the substrate, notch the back of the tile and then set the tile — it defies standard installation guidelines for GPT. For all other tile installations, standard installation guidelines prevail.

Ultrabond ECO GPT also offers instant grab and holding power with up to 30 minutes repositioning time, which is crucial for a perfect GPT installation. It even bonds to steel, epoxy and fiberglass surfaces.

“Sustainability” is the new buzzword in the building industry and MAPEI is following suit. Ultrabond ECO GPT’s new hybrid technology has very low VOC content at 8 grams per liter and is currently undergoing VOC emissions testing according to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Standard Method v1.2-2017, often referred to as California Section 01350.

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Commonly asked questions

Can I use a leveling-clip system with Ultrabond ECO GPT?
No problem! Ultrabond ECO GPT is compatible with leveling-clip systems; there is no need to vibrate the tile, as it provides maximum coverage and adhesive transfer.

Is it easy to clean Ultrabond ECO GPT off tile surfaces?
You bet! Just clean tile surfaces with a dry cloth while the adhesive is still wet and do not use a wet rag.

How about cleaning Ultrabond ECO GPT off trowels or tools?
Wait 24 hours and then peel off dried-on adhesive from the trowel or tool by scraping.

Save time, which is money, with Ultrabond ECO GPT — there is no need to use a standard mortar anymore when installing GPT. For additional questions, please contact MAPEI’s Product Support line at 1‑800‑992‑6273.

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Denise Troiano

Denise Troiano

Denise Troiano brings 24 years of experience in the tile, stone and installation products industry to MAPEI. Working with manufacturers, retailers, designers and installers during this span allows her to answer a wide range of questions from homeowners and industry professionals.


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