Planitop 330 Fast - Flat Walls Fast!


Denise Troiano

 January 30, 2018. 1:57 PM

There is one thing you can count on when approaching a wall tile installation…the walls are rarely plumb and true. In the past, fixing the problem would be time-consuming and problematic. The gypsum or cement boards would have to be removed to address the issue from the studs. Worse yet, an installer may be tempted to 'flatten as he goes', using mortar to build up low spots as the tile is being installed. As tiles get larger, having a way to effectively flatten or 'render' a wall becomes increasingly important.

You spoke and we listened. MAPEI Corporation has now come out with a product to make your job easier!  Planitop® 330 Fast is a quick-setting, polymer-modified, fiber-reinforced cementitious rendering, patching, and leveling mortar. You can now fix out-of-plumb cement backer units, gypsum wallboard and plaster (primed), shotcrete and pool plaster, as well as masonry cement block, brick and cement mortar beds. Planitop® 330 Fast can be applied from 1/8” to 1 ¼” inch (3 to 30 cm).  Ready for waterproofing application in just 24 hours and for the installation of tile or stone in 4 hours at 68° F or +20° C. 

Planitop® 330 Fast is suitable over the following substrates:

  • Concrete

  • Cement backer board

  • Interior cement backer board

  • Masonry cement block

  • Brick

  • Cement mortar beds

  • Interior gypsum wall boards and plaster when primed with Eco Prim Grip


Where to Use
in addition to rendering walls, Planitop 330 Fast is a great solution for patching, ramping, and smoothing.  Because it is a fast setting product, the rest of the installation can begin the next day.  You can use it for the following applications:

  • Shower Walls, Floors, Curbs, and Seats

  • Interior and exterior concrete  wall surfaces

  • Interior and exterior concrete or screed floors to prepare for setting ceramic tile

  • Repairing or forming slopes on terraces and balconies

  • Preparing pools and fountains to receive tile

Ask your MAPEI sales person about Planitop 330 Fast today!


Denise Troiano

Denise Troiano

Denise Troiano brings 24 years of experience in the tile, stone and installation products industry to MAPEI. Working with manufacturers, retailers, designers and installers during this span allows her to answer a wide range of questions from homeowners and industry professionals.


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