The Tile Industry Looks To Answer The Question "Why Tile?"


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 May 1, 2017. 9:40 PM

Why Tile? For the last year or so, those of us that sit on the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) board have known about an effort by the tile industry to answer that question. We all know 'Got Milk?' and 'The Incredible, Edible Egg' but until recently efforts to really explain the benefits of tile over competitive surfaces haven't had a similar rallying cry.

At this year's Coverings trade show, was born.  The website is designed to highlight the benefits of tile in a very visual medium.  The critique on previous efforts to promote tile was having too much to say... efforts like the inserts in the TCNA Handbook are great but wordy.  The new website is intended to distill the message into the essential elements that a designer, homeowner, or installer may want to know.  The main element of the website is an Inspiration Gallery which is the most likely starting point for users of the website.  However, other aspects of tile are also showcased.

Once designers are inspired by everything they can do with tile, they start to see the other messages on the page.  Healthy Spaces is one of the highlighted points.  There is discussion about low volatile organics (VOCs), certification through the Green Squared program, and other elements that set tile apart from the competition.  Most importantly, they should come away with the understanding that tile itself is a healthy choice for every situation, from health care settings to multi-family homes and everything in between.

Ease of care is also an important aspect of tile and this is also front and center on the website.  There is a section that highlights not just the easy cleaning of tile, but also the durability and resistance to microbes.  These messages can get lost in the shuffle when considering different floor or wall coverings but feature prominently here.  The last major point of emphasis is the rich heritage that tile enjoys.  From 2,000 year old installations to today's modern installation techniques performed by dedicated craftsmen, a tile installation is designed to last the ages.

The team is in place, the #whytile hashtag is being used frequently, and new content is being added to the website.   Other opportunities to spread the word are being identified as well.  The effort includes not just the tile manufacturers, but installation products, installers (both union and independent) and other trade groups.  While MAPEI loves all flooring and doesn't play favorites, we do applaud the hard work of the Tile Council of North America as they continue to find new ways to spread the word.


MAPEI Product Support

MAPEI Product Support


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