ISO Certification: More than a Stamp on Packaging


The ISO stamp on a package is easy to miss, but this small mark is very significant. Not every manufacturer has the stamp on their products, and not every product has the stamp on its packaging.

This Webinar will explain:

  • What ISO certification means.
  • Why MAPEI’s packaging very proudly bears ISO certification.
  • What using ISO-certified products means to your projects.

Sam Biondo

Sam is MAPEI’s National Technical Presenter. He has more than 25 years of international installation experience in the flooring industry. As the host of MAPEI’s popular MTI-TV series of videos and as a speaker at many industry functions, Sam combines installation expertise with real-world knowledge to help audiences easily comprehend new innovative technologies and their applications.

Flyer: ISO Certification: More than a Stamp on Packaging

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