Mapeheat Mesh

Self-Adhering, Pre-Wired, Floor-Heating Mesh

Mapeheat Mesh is a self-adhesive, pre-wired, floor-heating mesh that can be adhered onto the subfloor during the layout process. Its compatibility with all subfloor types and its low profile (3/16" or 4.5 mm) make it ideal for renovation projects. Mapeheat Mesh can be installed under ceramic tile, porcelain tile, natural stone, laminate flooring, engineered wood flooring and luxury vinyl flooring.

Mapeheat Mesh’s heating cable is attached to the self-adhesive mesh layer by three mesh bands. These bands help to maintain consistent spacing of the cable while allowing easy removal of the cable during installation in hard-to-reach areas. Thanks to its twisted pair design, the PVC-coated heating cable emits no measurable electromagnetic fields. Plus, the cable features a thin mechanical splice and a thin, flexible, 10-foot (3.05-m) cold lead that is easy to embed in the subfloor and route to the thermostat’s location.

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