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Cargo ships, military vessels, cruise liners, pleasure craft and yachts... No matter the type, each craft is exposed to the same basic elements — sun, salt, water — and each craft needs the best protective solutions. Consideration must also be given to functionality and comfort, and often luxury. MAPEI’s Products for the Marine Industry provide the industry’s best protective solutions, offering the highest-quality repair materials and finishes that combine aesthetics, functionality, safety and hygiene.

Products in the spotlight

Mapecem Marine 1000
Mapecem Marine 1000
Pre-Blended, Lightweight, Shrinkage-Compensated, Cement-Based Screed Mortar Mapecem Marine 1000 is an accelerated-cure, lightweight,…
Mapedeck Litescreed
Mapedeck Litescreed
Self-Leveling, Lightweight, Self-Extinguishing, Polyurethane-Based Underlayment Mapedeck Litescreed is a two-component, lightweight,…
Ultrabond ECO PU 2K
Ultrabond ECO PU 2K
Two-component, solvent-free, high-performance, non-slip polyurethane adhesive with very low emission level of volatile organic compounds…
Ultraplan Marine Fire
Ultraplan Marine Fire
High-Performance, Quick-Setting, Fiber-Reinforced, Self-Leveling Underlayment Ultraplan Marine Fire is a self-leveling, quick-setting,…

Solutions for Maritime Transport

The system solutions provided by MAPEI’s Products for the Marine Industry line are developed through a rigorous process that adheres to sustainable guidelines to protect people and the environment during the creation and use of the products. This attention to detail not only results in excellent performance properties, but also in certified quality, long-lasting durability, ease of use and practical application. Our marine industry solutions are developed to cover all areas, including: Those open to the public, internal areas reserved for the crew, areas dedicated to sports and spas, kitchens, external bridge decks, swimming pools, and play areas for children.



MAPEI’s Products for the Marine Industry line guarantees excellent performance characteristics, certified quality and long-lasting durability. Not only are MAPEI’s marine products the most innovative in the industry, they carry the industry’s Best-BackedSM warranty program, which provides a variety of warranty options with simple, easy-to-understand requirements.



We offer system solutions that include sustainable materials and finishes. Our products combine functionality with high-quality aesthetics and have been designed to meet or exceed industry standards, while reducing installation time and waste.



Our marine product solutions are designed to provide long-lasting protection to a wide variety of shipboard areas – from exterior public play areas exposed to salt spray and sea air, to the interior high traffic hallways used by crew members, as well as the luxury spas, restaurants, and cabins in between. If it is on board, MAPEI has a solution.

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Costa Smeralda cruise ship

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Solutions for marine industry


Monterey MSC motorship


Solutions for marine industry



Costa Neoriviera


Solutions for marine industry


Costa Victoria Cruiser


Solutions for marine industry


MAPEI’s core values include developing innovative product solutions for each part of the construction industry. MAPEI’s marine products are specifically designed to meet or exceed the requirements for products to be used in the marine industry. Our products are independently certified to meet the IMO MED requirements.

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