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Foco en productos Sostenibilidad

N° 34 - 9/24/2021

MAPEI's Cement Additives division provides customized grinding solutions for masonry cement production.


N° 34 - 9/28/2021

A tight schedule and challenging weather conditions are no match for MAPEI's wide range of high-end products and support in the race to complete this new-build terminal project set in the heart of Canada’s biggest city.


N° 34 - 10/5/2021

Water management is critical when installing tile in wet areas. This article examines the industry requirements and best practices necessary to keep you from getting soaked on your next wet area project.

Noticias Sostenibilidad Responsabilidad social Arquitectura

N° 34 - 10/6/2021

As part of MAPEI's commitment to developing products that contribute to sustainable building, 375 (and counting) of MAPEI's products have achieved Indoor Advantage Gold certification from SCS Global Services for low VOC emissions.

Entrevistas Regulación Arquitectura

N° 34 - 9/30/2021

From the basics to top-level advanced, this article covers a range of information about waterproofing pits in structures.

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