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The expert's opinion

N° 85 - 5/25/2021

Origin, risks and prevention: a talk with Giancarlo Ciotoli, Research Scientist at the Italian National Research Commission, Institute of Environmental Geology and Geo-Engineering.

#insights #research

Product Spotlight

N° 85 - 5/25/2021

Mapei solutions dedicated to this problem.

#insights #research


N° 85 - 5/26/2021

In the largest shopping center in the capital, Mapei supplied products suitable for areas with high pedestrian traffic.

#commercial facilities #ceramics

The expert's opinion

N° 85 - 5/26/2021

Mapei Color Paving® for modern concrete paving.

#insights #urbandesign


N° 85 - 5/14/2021

Interview with Gilberto Del Zoppo, Road Engineering Line, R&D, Mapei Spa

#road #insights #sustainability

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