Luderitz Culvert Repairs

Location icon Namibia, Namibia
Ref #: 27000020


Yard Culvert Repairs in Luderitz, Namibia
Location Namibia, Namibia
Subcategory SEWER
Built in 2016
Opened in 2016
Application Concrete Repair and waterproofing to Culvert in Luderitz, Namibia
Start and finish date 2016
Application Type Concrete restoration systems
Client Ministry of Works and Transport, Government of Namibia
Contractor company Windhoek Waterproofing
MAPEI Distributor Dynamic Concrete Solutions
Credits Dynamic Concrete Solutions
Other The Ministry of Works and Transport for the government of Namibia sought to conduct repairs to railway drainage culverts damaged by aggressive ground water on the Aus to Lüderitz railway line in Southern Namibia

Mapei South Africa distributor in Namibia, Dynamic Concrete Solutions, along with a other suppliers, was approached by the engineers on the project with regards to the evaluation of the site conditions and providing a concrete repair and protection solution. All material suppliers were invited to propose the solution, and the system specified by Mapei South Africa was evaluated as the most comprehensive, and finally accepted in the tender document.
In their assessment, much consideration was given by the engineers to various reference applications and sites in South Africa and other countries where similar work was done. A final decision was made taking into consideration the quality of Mapei’s products in conjunction with similar projects successfully completed.

The following products were selected and used in the project:

•Mapefer 1k - Steel Re-Bar Protection (to DIN 5002)
•Eporip - Wet to Dry Concrete/Grout Bonding Agent
•Planigrout Smooth & Repair R4 - Structural (Class R4 to EN 1504-3) Cementitious Mortar
•Mapelastic Smart ME- Cementitious, spray applied, Mortar for Concrete Protection (complies with EN 1504-9 & EN 1504-2)

Product used for the project

Two-component solvent free epoxy adhesive, for monolithic sealing of cracks in…
One-component corrosion-inhibiting cementitious mortar for the protection of…
Two-component, high-flexibility cementitious mortar, applied by brush or by…
PLANITOP SMOOTH & REPAIR R4 - Cementitious Mortar
PLANITOP SMOOTH & REPAIR R4 - Cementitious Mortar
DESCRIPTION Structural R4-class, rapid-setting, shrinkage-compensated,…

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