Curing admix with the property of reducing hydraulic shrinkage and the formation of micro-cracking.
Mapecure SRA is a special, chloride-free liquid admix, specially developed to drastically reduce final hydrometric shrinkage of repair mortar from the Mapegrout range, standard or self-compacting concrete and repair concrete mixed using Stabilcem CC in order to eliminate cracking.
The best results are obtained when Mapecure SRA is mixed with controlled-shrinkage repair mortar or in combination with concrete which contains Expancrete. It allows these systems to expand even further during the first few days of hardening whether they are damp-cured or air-cured. When Mapecure SRA and Expancrete are used together, there is the combined effect of the advantages of each single product, which are greatly amplified to guarantee that mortar and concrete perform far better than traditional cementite systems. Mapecure SRA is compatible with all traditional, naphthalene sulphonate-based super-plasticising adhesives from the Mapefluid range, acrylic admixes from the Dynamon range and with all types of cement according to EN 197/1.

- mortar: 0.25-0.5% in weight of the mix;
- concrete: 5-8 l/m3.

20 kg drums;
0.25 kg bottles.

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