Two-component, acid-resistant epoxy mortar for tile joints (available in 15 different colours), ideal for glass mosaic. May also be used as an adhesive.

- Decorative grouting of artistic indoor and outdoor tiles and stone material, and especially glass mosaic. Also suitable for acid-resistant bonding on all common building substrates. The pearlescent finish of the product heightens the final aesthetic effect of the finishing materials.Kerapoxy Design may also be mixed with MapeGlitter to create particular special effects.
- Grouting sizeable floors and finishing materials in industrial environments (galvanizing plants, tanneries, battery rooms, paper mills, etc.), where high mechanical strength and resistance to acids are required.
- Grouting floors and finishing materials in the foodstuffs industry (dairies, cheese factories, abattoirs, breweries, wine cellars, preserves factories, etc.), shops and environments where a high level of cleanliness is required (ice-cream parlours, butcher's, etc.).
- Swimming pools, including spa baths.

Technical data:
Pot life of mix: 45 minutes.
Open time (as adhesive): 30 minutes.
Adjustment time (as adhesive): 60 minutes.
Set to light foot traffic: approximately after 24 hours.
Ready for use: after 4 days, the surfaces may also be exposed to chemical attack.
Colours: 8: 700 translucent (neutral), 702 silver grey, 710 ice white, 716 pink, 720 pearl grey, 728 dark grey, 729 sahara yellow, 730 turquoise, 731 dark brown, 740 blue, 744 mandarin orange, 750 red, 760 gold, 770 anthracite, 799 white.
Application: MAPEI rubber trowel.
Finish: MAPEI sponge.
Storage: 24 months.

according to the size of the joint.
For mosaic (size 2x2 cm) approximately 1.4 kg/m2.

3 kg units.

Color Palette

103 Moon white
111 Silver Grey
133 Sand
134 Silk

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