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N° 78 - 2/3/2020

Built underwater in the ocean off the coast of Norway, it was designed by Snøhetta.

#ChemicalAnchors #underground #ceramics #waterproofing #architecture


N° 77 - 12/12/2019

Line 3 is part of a more comprehensive transport project scheduled to be inaugurated to mark Qatar 2022. Mapei also took part in construction works.

#underground #infrastructures


N° 72 - 2/26/2019

A lot of underground work was required to construct the new railway line between Mexico City and Toluca.

#infrastructures #underground


N° 68 - 6/21/2018

Riyadh is the capital and most populous city of Saudi Arabia. Estimates suggest that the number of Riyadh’s population will grow from about 6 million to more than 8.5 million over the next 10 years. This will require effective ways to meet the needs…

#underground #waterproofing #polyglass

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