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N° 75 - 02/07/2019

The company supplies waterproofing membranes all over the world.

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N° 75 - 27/06/2019

Innovative waterproofing products for redeveloping a former industrial area.

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N° 71 - 15/11/2018

The new Apple Store in Milan is just a short walk from Corso Vittorio Emanuele, one of the busiest pedestrian zone in the city. Visitors passing through Piazza Liberty can now see a spectacular fountain – a large, parallelepiped structure invested...

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N° 68 - 21/06/2018

Riyadh is the capital and most populous city of Saudi Arabia. Estimates suggest that the number of Riyadh’s population will grow from about 6 million to more than 8.5 million over the next 10 years. This will require effective ways to meet the needs...

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N° 63 - 13/07/2017

Polyglass U.S.A., Inc. manufactures bitumen and synthetic waterproofing membranes for low- and steep-slope roof applications that are distributed across the whole of the American territory. But the story of Polyglass USA has its roots in Italy. In...

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