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N° 77 - 12/12/2019

Line 3 is part of a more comprehensive transport project scheduled to be inaugurated to mark Qatar 2022. Mapei also took part in construction works.

#underground #infrastructures


N° 75 - 6/27/2019

The arena is considered one of the finest entertainment venues in France and its concrete shell posed quite a technical challenge.

#wall coatings #mixdesign #infrastructures


N° 74 - 5/17/2019

Making the stream safe by widening the section of its bed and preventing corrosion of the reinforcement rods.

#wall coatings #repair #infrastructures


N° 74 - 6/10/2019

From Terminal 1 to the air traffic control tower: Mapei products in the world’s largest airport world.

#seamless #waterproofing #infrastructures

The expert's opinion

N° 72 - 2/5/2019

What are the most common causes of corrosion in reinforced concrete structures and what can be done to stop or prevent it? Hadi Beirami explains to us how carbonation and chlorides are the two most frequent aggressive agents behind this degenerative...

#insights #construction #infrastructures

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