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The innovative online tool Mapecoat TNS Colorizer

Customise the colour of your playing surface.

Would you like to play on a tennis court the same green colour as Wimbledon?
Or blue like the Australian Open?
Or powder pink just to be different?

Thanks to MAPECOAT TNS COLORIZER, available from in English language, you can create your own playing surface, copy the sports facilities hosting the most important international events or create brand-new combinations.

The free new app developed by the Mapei Sports System Technology department lets you customise the colours of playing surfaces for sports. You can choose from 13 different sports, including tennis, basketball, volleyball, netball, skating and athletics, choosing from 36 different colours. Plus, if you want to create your own colour scheme, you can use the automatic ColorMap colouring system.


MAPECOAT TNS COLORIZER can be used very intuitively.

You just pick:

  • The sport you want to create a playing surface for
  • The colours you want for both inside and outside the playing field, any areas around it or the middle of the field and its lines.

After picking your colours, you will receive a chart showing the ideal products for creating your own playing field. If you are looking for inspiration, at  you can take a look at the most recent projects carried out using products from the MAPECOAT TNS range, including the tennis courts that hosted the Fed Cup 2019 in Zielona Góra (Poland), the netball courts at the Waverley District Netball Association in Ashwood (Australia), the Kiev Velodrome in Ukraine and the basketball court at Chong Hwa Independent High School in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

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