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From Realtà Mapei International n° 83 - 2/22/2021

Hygiene and ceramic surfaces

Mapei epoxy grouts help keep joints hygienic and safe.

In certain settings the hygiene of ceramic tile surfaces is critical.
Canteens, refectories, schools, hospitals, wellness centres and many other settings are all places where hygiene is not just a question of common sense; it is mandatory according to current norms and standards and according to each specific area of use.


How can you improve the level of hygiene of ceramic surfaces?

To put it briefly, by reducing or completely eliminating the porosity of the floor or wall covering. Indeed, less porosity means less chance of dirt pick-up, fewer or no residues on surfaces and easier cleaning. Non-absorbent and glazed tiles, for example, help to achieve such an objective.


What about having joints between each single tile?

Ceramic floor and wall coverings are formed by a combination of ceramic tiles and joints. A joint is a break or interruption in the surface. If you want to improve the overall level of hygiene of a ceramic tile/joint system, not only should you use non-absorbent tiles, the grout for the joints must also be non-absorbent and resistant to the harmful action of germs and bacteria.


Are there products with such characteristics available?

Amongst the various types of mortar used to grout the joints of ceramic tiles, epoxy resin-based products are the best way of improving the hygiene of floor/wall coverings. Not only are these types of product impermeable, they also have excellent resistance to the aggressive action of chemicals. In past issues of Realtà Mapei International (no. 58, 61 and 80), you can find lots of information on how to use this particular family of products.


Which Mapei grouts can help improve the hygiene of ceramic surfaces?

One example is KERAPOXY CQ, an epoxy resin-based product certified by the University of Modena (Italy) as a grouting mortar protected against the formation and proliferation of micro-organisms. Thanks to BioBlock® technology, it prevents the formation of mould on the surface of joints and makes the whole ceramic surface more hygienic and healthier.

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