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GBC Italia: Mapei awarded in the Leadership in Business and Sustainability category

LEED certified buildings increasingly widespread: Mapei products help obtain important credits. The company won the GBC Italia (Green Building Council Italia) award in the Leadership in Business and Sustainability category at Assimpredil ANCE.

LEED is the acronym of Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design and is the most widespread rating for eco-sustainable buildings in the world. Mapei products contribute to important credits to obtain this certification, thanks to EPDs (type III environmental declarations) and products with low VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions.

For some time now designers, architects and contractors have been focusing on the sustainability of buildings; more specifically, the number of buildings with LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) certification have increased exponentially both in Europe and Italy.

LEED v4 is the latest version of the LEED protocol (developed by Green Building Council US), which allows a building to be certified as eco-sustainable in accordance with the requirements and credits outlined in this document.

LEED is the world’s most widespread rating for eco-sustainable buildings worldwide: the number of square metres built in accordance with this protocol up to December 2017 was over 600 million.

LEED considers the whole building project, focusing on various issues such as the building site, savings on water/energy resources, and maintenance. The protocol also applies to products: everything used must comply with the requested standards.

Mapei products can contribute to important credits, thanks to their Environmental Project Declarations (EPDs) and products with very low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), guaranteeing the end user’s comfort and well-being.

A LEED calculator is available on the Mapei website allowing users to select the Mapei products involved in a given project and receive a LEED credits declaration letter. LEED declarations can be downloaded from the Mapei website. These declarations list all the environmental characteristics and traits enabling a certain product selected for a building project to contribute towards the building’s final certification.

This tool is very often used by both architects and designers: over the last year, there have been over 1500 downloads.

LEED is not just global:  GBC Italia (the Italian Green Building Council) published maps of Milan indicating all LEED-certified buildings (and building projects that will be LEED-certified) during its “Green Cities: the New Normal” conference held at Milan Polytechnic on 21st March 2019.

The maps were also sponsored by Mapei, one of the first companies to become a member of the association when it was founded in 2008. Mapei is also a member of the Board of Trustees of GBC Italia.

Mapei’s has actually been associated with the Green Building Council since 2001, when Mapei became a member of the local American branch, USGBC. Mapei is now a member of local associations of the Green Building Council in all the countries it operates in, supporting the design and execution criteria promoted by the international GBC network: healthy, energy-efficient buildings with limited impact on the environment.

As part of the Green Building Council Italia’s projects, Italy’s leading sustainable initiatives were awarded special commendations on Friday, 22nd March, in Milan. A prize-giving ceremony that focused on the work and boom in the Green Building movement on various fronts: Mapei was rewarded for its Leadership in Business and Sustainability.


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