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In the spotlight


N° 73 - 11/04/2019

The extension of the Southern terminal included the installation of carpet.

#resilient #textile


N° 73 - 11/04/2019

Craftsman installation and varnishing of wooden flooring in two prestigious rooms brought back to their fin de siècle splendour.


N° 73 - 11/04/2019

Cutting-edge technology for the athletic track of the stadium that hosted the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

#sta #stadiums #sports

Our selection


N° 70 - 04/10/2018

Well aware of the need to preserve this world-famous symbol, Venice City Council decided to restore Rialto Bridge with an intervention to protect the structure from further deterioration while...

#citycentres #infrastructures #bridges #repair #historical


N° 68 - 12/09/2018

Riyadh is the capital and most populous city of Saudi Arabia. Estimates suggest that the number of Riyadh’s population will grow from about 6 million to more than 8.5 million over the next 10 years....

#underground #waterproofing #polyglass


N° 66 - 15/12/2017

It all started in 1866 when Josep M. Bocabella i Verdaguer founded the spiritual Association of Devotees of San José, with a commitment to build a church dedicated to the Holy Family, and specific...

#waterproofing #stones #culture #ceramics


N° 72 - 26/02/2019

A lot of underground work was required to construct the new railway line between Mexico City and Toluca.

#infrastructures #underground


N° 70 - 17/10/2018

For the Mapei technicians and engineers, it is vitally important they work alongside designers and provide their support during both the initial delicate phase of drawing up the building...

#residential #insulation #waterproofing


N° 71 - 14/11/2018

– the Botín Centre was inaugurated last year and aims to become a new tourist hub for the city and surrounding area. The Centre was designed by the Renzo Piano Building Workshop in partnership with...

#museums #colour #ceramics


N° 73 - 02/04/2019

The sophisticated floor creations in this luxury hotel were implemented using Mapei products.

#wood #decorative #hotels


N° 72 - 13/03/2019

Architecture, art, fashion: the 2018 World Capital of Design is going through a period of extraordinary vitality.

#insights #theworldofmapei

Social responsability

N° 72 - 28/12/2018

The 2017 Sustainability Report has now been published.

#vision #support #sustainability


N° 72 - 17/12/2018

Interview with Giorgio Squinzi: Mapei plans to become increasingly competitive on international markets.

#infoclips #vision #interviews

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