Permanent encapsulation of asbestos cement.
Use Aquaflex System cycle for the permanent encapsulation of type A (external view), B (internal view) and C (no view, before confinement) in compliance with the August 20, 1999 Italian Ministerial Decree, of asbestos cement structures exposed to atmospheric agents, therefore subject to progressive degradation, with emerging and release of asbestos fibre. The system is made up of two products of certified quality by authorised laboratories:
- Malech: micronized acrylic resin-based primer in water dispersion that, thanks to its high wetting capacity, penetrates into deteriorated material and binds the fibres to each other and to the cementitious matrix to prevent them from being released into the atmosphere. It also creates a surface for the next layer in the encapsulation system to anchor to.
- Aquaflex: it is a one-component elastomeric resin, in water dispersion based encapsulating coating. As prescribed by August 20, 1999 Ministerial Decree, the product must be applied in two contrasting coloured coats, because over time the appearance of the colour of the first coat indicates the need to carry out a new encapsulation cycle. 

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