Mapei solutions for sport at FSB

At the international trade fair for sports facilities Mapei proposes its worldwide expertise and systems for sports surfaces
October 25, 2019

In Cologne, from the 5th to the 8th November 2019, Mapei will be taking part at FSB, the two-yearly appointment dedicated to sports facilities and recreation areas, to propose to visitors its technical and innovative solutions along with the expertise of the Resilient and Sports Flooring Division - Sports System Technology, which has branches all around the world.

Mapei has numerous solutions for the sports sector, the result of more than 40 years of experience working in the sports facilities sector all around the world.

Mapei started operating in this sector in 1976 when the company’s adhesives were used for the first time to install the athletics track at the Montréal Olympic Games. Since then, Mapei has developed cutting-edge technologies and solutions for installing every type of sports surface: from the consolidation of substrates up to the application of floor coating systems, with a particular eye on comfort, resistance, aesthetics and players’ safety during races and matches.

During Mapei’s journey in this sector they have obtained numerous successes, leading to the Company being recognised as a global partner for the installation of every type of sports surface.
The level of support offered by Mapei Technical Services and the experience matured over the years through working on the most advanced sports facilities represent the added value Mapei solutions have to offer for the sports sector.



The comprehensive range offered by Mapei

At stand G-006, hall 10.2, visitors will have the chance to take a close look and find out more about the most innovative Mapei products and systems for sports floors and facilities and request more targeted consultancy from Mapei Technicians.

Thanks to the various certifications awarded by the most important sports bodies, such as FIT (Federazione Italiana Tennis), ITF (International Tennis Federation), AITG (Associazione Italiana Tecnici di Golf) and FIBA (Fédération Internationale de Basketball), the solutions proposed may be used in sports complexes hosting leading international competitions and tournaments.

Mapei products and systems are recommended for both installing new playing surfaces and new sports facilities and refurbishing existing surfaces and structures, and may be used both indoors and outdoors.

They are also suitable for use in many different settings: from athletics tracks to tennis courts and multi-purpose playing surfaces, from velodromes to cycle lanes, from football pitches to golf courses and from swimming pools to stadiums.



Showcased at FSB will be solutions for installing and consolidating sub-bases and for installing natural, synthetic and hybrid turf: MAPESOIL and ULTRABOND TURF 2 STARS PRO.

Two solutions that represent excellence in their respective types of application: MAPESOIL is a special technology used to create an extended drainage system throughout the turfed area without having to install pipework thanks to the high drainage capacity of the system, which is placed immediately below the sandy sub-bases for the turf and allows water to drain off and flow away very quickly.

ULTRABOND TURF 2 STARS PRO is a polyurethane adhesive used for bonding jointing tape between rolls of synthetic turf of the latest generation in compliance with FIFA standards. It is characterised by its ease of application, excellent rib stability, including in hot weather, and high bond strength.

Amongst the solutions available for resin courts and playing surfaces, Mapei will be proposing solvent-free, elastic, multi-layered acrylic and polyurethane systems that are quick and easy to apply and are available in a vast range of colours: MAPECOAT TNS (acrylic resin-based) and PU SYSTEM (polyurethane resin-based).

These systems may be used in various contexts: tennis courts, multi-purpose courts and gymnasiums, skating rinks and velodromes, spectator stands and sports complexes.

They are part of the MAPECOAT TNS REMOVE family of multi-layered, acrylic resin-based systems, the ideal solution for pro-grade tennis courts for temporary sports events. This system may be applied quickly and simply over old, painted indoor surfaces, new cementitious and asphalt flooring requiring coating and concrete surfaces with rising damp.

For wooden sports surfaces Mapei will be proposing ULTRACOAT SPORT SYSTEM, a water-based range of finishing systems for colouring and marking out sports surfaces, which is available in 8 different colours.


For further information on the complete range of Mapei systems for sports surfaces use the link

Ultracoat Sport System Mapesoil Mapei Sports System Technology TNS System Pavimentazioni Sportive

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