Mapei joins ESSMA as Official Stadium Partner

Mapei consolidates its position in the market of products used in the construction of stadiums and sports facilities

January 14, 2019

Mapei is proud to announce it has joined ESSMA, the European Stadium & Safety Management Association, as an official Stadium Partner and will be taking part at the ESSMA Summit to be held on the 22nd and 23rd of January at the Dragão Stadium in Porto.

The official announcement of Mapei becoming a member of ESSMA will be made during this year’s Summit “Uniting the Stadium Industry”, during which there will be a series of seminars and forums between professionals from the industry involved in the design and construction of stadiums.

By joining ESSMA, Mapei aims to consolidate its position in the market of products used in the construction of stadiums and sports facilities.

Mapei is in a position to offer ESSMA and professionals from the sector its extensive experience in the repair of concrete, structural strengthening work and the waterproofing and protection of structures for the most prestigious sports facilities and stadiums all around the world. With Mapei becoming a member of ESSMA, professionals from the sector will also be able to take advantage of the expert consultancy and technical assistance service provided by Mapei during the design stage and on site.

Thanks to the company’s technology and cutting-edge Research & Development work, Mapei is able to supply cutting-edge solutions that meet the requirements of the most stringent international standards and directives applied to both new builds and the repair of existing facilities.

Particularly significant products and systems include:

MAPECOAT TNS, a comprehensive and articulated line made up of acrylic and polyurethane resin systems: easy to apply for the protection of concrete structures. MAPECOAT TNS has non-slip properties and is resistant to UV rays, guaranteeing quality and wonderful finishes and patterns over the years, as well as the level of safety required for pedestrian walkways.

PURTOP SYSTEM is a family of two-component polyurea membranes applied by spray for waterproofing roofs, arenas and stadium access routes.

MAPESOIL is a special Mapei technology developed specifically for creating drainage systems in grass playing surfaces (natural, hybrid and artificial grass). In the case of natural and hybrid grass, the MAPESOIL system is used to create drainage systems that extend under the whole of the playing surface without the need to install pipework. Thanks to its special pervious screed, courts and pitches with the MAPESOIL system have a much higher drainage speed than other comparable technologies and comply with the requirements of UEFA, FIFA and USGA.

For further information on Mapei's solutions for sports surfaces and sports facilities:

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