Super absorbent liquid polymer

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Mapedrill SA1 is especially formulated for mechanized tunnelling and for civil engineering applications such as drilling operations. Mapedrill SA1 is successfully used as waterproofing agent when drilling in presence of water: in fact, the polymer, mixed with perforating fluid, is conveyed during the tunneling phase and distributed on the hole walls and when in contact with water it gives origin to the swelling process. Moreover the lubricating properties of Mapedrill SA1 reduces the friction between the drilling tools and all the moving parts subjected to wear.
Mapedrill SA1 is employed in the mechanized tunneling when, in presence of water or while drilling in water strata, the water content at the front, in the head chamber or in the screw conveyor needs to be reduced. Mapedrill SA1 can absorb un to 200 times its own weight, giving the excavated material its plastic characteristics for enabling an easier muck moving and removal.
Some applications are:
– sealing for circulation loss;
– lubricant for pipe jacking;
– tunnelling;
– disposal of waste fluids.

The dosage depends on the application field and on the soil water content. Our technical Laboratory is at complete disposal for evaluating the right dosage. Please contact our “Underground Technology Team” Technical service for verifying and eventually perfecting the using and dosing of Mapedrill SA1, always considering the application conditions.

• 25 and 200 kg plastic drums.
• 1000 kg tanks.

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