Two-component, elastic, salt-resistant, cement-free, lime and Eco-pozzolan based coating for waterproofing and protecting construction features, including in listed buildings
Consistency: plastic
Mixing ratio: comp A: comp. B = 2 : 1.
Workability time of mix: approx. 1 hour (at +20°C).
Application temperature: +5°C to +40°C.
– EN 14891: “Liquid-applied water impermeable products for use beneath ceramic tiling bonded with adhesives” according to principles CM, O1 and P;
– EN 15824 - Specifications for external renders and internal plasters based on organic binders”;
– EN 1504-2 - Products and systems for the protection of concrete surfaces according to principles PI, MC and IR.
Storage: 12 months component A, 24 months component B.
Application: brush, roller, spreader or rendering machine with a skim-coat lance.
– by roller: 1.65 kg/m² per mm of thickness;
– by spray: 2.2 kg/m² per mm of thickness.
Packaging: 15 kg kit:
– component A: 10 kg bags;
– component B: 5 kg tanks.

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