Z Morh Tunnel Project

Location icon Gangangir, Srinagar, India
Year of construction of jobsite (started in/opened in): 2015 / Under Execution Year of intervention with Mapei products (start/end): 2016 / Still Supplying
Ref #: 852698


Yard 6.5 Km Twin Tunnel.
Location Gangangir, Srinagar, India
Subcategory METRO
Built in 2018
Opened in 2018
Application a small 500 sqm waterproofing job was awarded for above portal application of PVC Membrane. Entire tunnel waterproofing to begin end of this year (2018). Shotcrete has been entirely catered by MAPEI Admixture, accelerators and Polypropylene Fibres.
Application Type Admixtures for concrete, Products for underground construction (utt), Waterproofing systems
Contractor company Il&Fs / Apco Infratech – Titan Jv
MAPEI Distributor Mapei India Ltd
Credits Sambhav Chawla
Project Manager Mr. Shista Prasad

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