Macro-porous, salt-resistant dehumidifying render made from lime and ECO-POZZOLAN for repairing old masonry, including on buildings of historical interest.
Maximum diameter of aggregate: 2.5 mm.
Mixing ratio: 100 parts of MAPE-ANTIQUE MC with 14-16 parts of water (3.5-4 l of water for each 25 kg bag of product).
Porosity of the mix while still fresh: > 20%.
Coefficient of permeability to water vapour: ≤ 10 µ.
Workability time of fresh mortar approx. 60 minutes.
Minimum applicable thickness: 20 mm.
Maximum applicable thickness per layer: 30 mm.
Classification: EN 998-1 - type R mortar, category CS II.
EMICODE: EC1 R Plus - very low emission.
Storage: 12 months.
Colour: white.
Application: gauging trowel.
Consumption: 15 kg/m² (per cm of thickness).
Packaging: 25 kg bags.

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