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April 26, 2022. 8:16 PM

Industrial flooring products with infinite design possibilities

Modern industrial floors aren’t restricted to that cold, “institutional look” anymore. Whether a cement-based or epoxy-resin flooring solution is needed, the design possibilities have exploded in recent years, and architects are taking notice. …

March 1, 2022. 3:07 PM

How to Level a Subfloor the Right Way: Overcoming Subfloor Leveling Challenges with High-Density Foam Insulation Board

Leveling Deep Subfloors: Use of High-Density Foam Board instead of Multiple Layers of Self-Leveling Compound Self-leveling concrete compounds are widely used by building professionals in flooring projects, but they are designed for specific…

February 23, 2022. 9:25 PM

The Benefits of Parking Deck Coating Systems

Parking lots, indoor parking garages, pedestrian walkways and even balconies are important parts of infrastructure that require protection and maintenance to make sure that they maintain structural integrity throughout their service life. These…

February 4, 2022. 7:16 PM

A Beginner’s Guide to Waterproofing Membrane and Shower Floor & Tile Installation with LVT

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is often sought out because of its high quality and durability, which saves homeowners and businesses money in maintenance and installation costs. It also happens to look great. But some wonder: “Can I install LVT in the…

November 5, 2021. 2:33 PM

Radiant heat under ceramic tile or stone

Questions and concerns are often raised when ceramic tile or stone is to be installed over a radiant-heating system. These concerns usually are regarding any detrimental effect that the heat from the radiant heating might have on the bond of the…

October 19, 2021. 4:40 PM

Five FAQ about “high-performance” mortars

As tiles get larger and installations get trickier, all setting-materials manufacturers have developed a category of “high-performance” mortars. If you are setting tile in a freeze/thaw environment, on above-grade areas with deflection, in submerged…

August 20, 2021. 5:10 PM

Adhesive Terminology in a nutshell - Part One

Sometimes it seems like the jargon used in the flooring industry deserves its own dictionary. Pressure-sensitive , full-spread , wet-set and hard-set are some examples. Do you want to better understand and interpret the meaning behind adhesive…


August 19, 2021. 7:16 PM

How to install large format tiles using MapeLevel EasyWDG leveling system and Keraflex mortars

Over the past decade, tile trends have drastically changed in style, texture, color variation and, most importantly, size. Large-format tile was the biggest continuing trend of 2020, going strong into 2021 – from 24" x 48" (61 x 122 cm) mega tiles…

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